SCRC Canada Eagle Rescue Program

The purpose of the Eagle Rescue Program is to provide a coordinated effort for assistance in case of an emergency while a Southern Cruiser is on the road. Should assistance be required, the member will only need to contact his or her 1st or 2nd Officer and advise them of the assistance required and their location. The 1st or 2nd Officer will then access the Eagle Rescue Page located on the SCRC Canada website and contact the chapter and volunteers located nearest the member, arrange for assistance and then advise the member that help is on the way.

Each First Officer will need to set up the program in accordance the availability of volunteers (try to keep the numbers to 4-5) and equipment in his/her chapter. A list of Eagle Rescue volunteers, with their phone numbers, city, province and any Cruiser nicknames should be sent to the Eagle Rescue Coordinator. This list should be kept current and updated with Eagle Rescue Coordinator at every 6 months or so to keep confusion to a minimum.

Remember, this program is for Southern Cruisers. All we are trying to do is coordinate the “Goodwill” already present in the Southern Cruisers and make it more effective.


Link to Secure List