Rides and Events

There’s always something happening in the Southern Cruisers. Each SCRC chapter in Canada hosts weekly local rides as well as special rides and events. Whether it’s supporting our troops in Sudbury or helping a child smile in Welland, if you’re looking for something different to do have a look at our national calendar below. Also, every year there is one event designated as the “Ride of the Year” which all Southern Cruiser members are encouraged to attend. This year the ride of the year is being hosted by our Oakville chapter on August 19th to raise funds for “Riders Against Hunger”. This ride, like all of our other chapters special rides and events is also posted on our national calendar. This year is a little different as it is also Canada’s 150th birthday. In celebration of 150 years of Canadian Confederation, many of our chapters are celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday by hosting a 150KM ride in their area. Below are two links, one to our national calendar and the other to our Canada 150 Rides, please have a look at them and join us whenever you can.